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The best-selling poetry anthology on Amazon

The best collection of English and American classics, new and old. A perfect introduction for those new to poetry, as well as a great selection of old favorites for poetry lovers everywhere. From Geoffrey Chaucer to e.e. cummings, from William Shakespeare to Anne Sexton, here are the great American and British poems of the last 500 years, organized by subject in a new and provocative way. “Great Poetry is personal,” writes Christopher Burns in his introduction to this extraordinary collection. “Like a seashell held to your ear, a poem resonates to the beating of your heart. The poet brings the words, you bring your life, and together you make the song.”

Now with touch screen navigation for Kindle Fire and iPad. Readers can link from any poem to other poems by the same author, and from the author index back to any poem.

What reviewers say . . .

"It s seriously the best edited anthology I have ever seen, and it is sort of a poetry's greatest hits to carry with you wherever you go." --Good

"Absolutely the best new collection of poetry is Christopher Burns' Seashell Anthology. With more than 360 poems, Burns has brought together the classics with the works of modern poets in a way that makes every page a delight. It just doesn't get much better than this." --Bookviews

This is one of those only-book-you-need-on-a-desert-island books. Really. --Amazon Reviewer stars

What Readers Say . . .

"M-- brought your Seashell Anthology with her on her last visit and I want you to know how much I am enjoying it. We were freshmen together years ago and spent hours with the old Riverside Book of Verse. What I love most is the arrangement of your book where poems are grouped by subject, not by era, helping me to dwell more on meaning than on history. And where modern sits next to olden, letting me know that poetry is still alive." --Melbourne, Florida

"Sitting in our camp on a rainy mid-week perusing the Seashell Anthology again I resolved to send you my thanks. No one in our family lacks a copy. I bring mine everywhere with me. I saw your book open and annotated last week when I visited my father. His wife had been reading to him. Our teanage daughter has her copy at school--everyone has one. Four out of five are poems I would have chosen. The remaining I would have failed to select because I didn't have a clue that they existed. My thanks for a book for all seasons. Durango, Colorado