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An impertinent meditation on the idea of God as it has changed through the ages, from Augustine to Azimov, from the wrathful Jehovah of Moses and Michelangelo to the ecumenical being of modern times. Where did the idea come from, why does God change, what does that tell us about  us, and how is the new networking technology about to change the idea again? The book looks at the lives and ideas of prophets through the years, from Henry Ward Beecher and Ralph Waldo Emerson, to Nietzsche, Sartre, Freud, Arthur C. Clarke, Grace Hopper and others, tracing the idea as it morphed from prehistoric cave paintings to science fiction speculation, from Anthropology to Networkology.  

Kindle, $2.95


vietnam cover

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Witness to war, from the Army's own files:

Now published for the first time: hundreds of the best color and black and white photos of the Vietnam War from the Army’s own combat correspondents, with touch screen navigation for Kindle Fire and iPad. Including oral histories, letters home and a rich selection from first-hand accounts by Philip Caputo, Johnnie Clark, Fred Downs, Al Sever, Ralph Zumbro, and others.

400 photographs, Paperback, $24.95, Kindle, $5.95


"Amazing! Great pictures and wonderful story telling." Amazon Reviewer stars

"A must see/read for any Vietnam War or history buff. Great stuff.” Amazon Reviewerstars

"The most accomplished photojournalists from the vietnam era. Great historical treatment." Amazon Reviewerstars


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Best selling anthology on Amazon:

From 500 years of English and American poetry, here are the classics, old and new. From Geoffrey Chaucer to e.e. cummings, from William Shakespeare to Anne Sexton, they are arranged by subject in a meaningful and provocative way.

384 poems, Paperback, $16.95, Kindle, $6.95


"Spectacular" "Outstanding" stars

"It’s seriously the best edited anthology I’ve ever seen, and it’s sort of a poetry’s greatest hits to carry with you wherever you go.” –Good Reads

"This is one of those only-book-you-need-on-a-desert-island books. Really."
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New from the editor of Seashell:

For students and poetry lovers old and new, Immortal Poets offers a deep selection from the works of the greatest English and American poets, along with brief biographies of each one and a portrait of the times they lived in. There are fascinating people behind the great poems. In this new anthology, and Christopher Burns has brought them to life. Equal to more than a thousand pages in print, the book includes 547 poems and 120 poets from Beowulf to Robert Frost. About 200 of the poems appear in The Seashell Anthology and in The Norton Anthology—they are the classics.

Kindle, $6.95


"Simply outstanding" "A great collection" stars

"If you are looking for an ebook of classic poems in English that you can browse with pleasure anytime, then look no further than this." Amazon Reviewer stars

"The best poetry collection in a portable and personal ebook format." Amazon Reviewer stars


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How false knowledge sank the Titanic, blew up the Shuttle, and led America into war.

"Beginning with the Titanic disaster, Burns compellingly argues that some of the worst "accidents" and mishaps in modern times can be directly attributed to misinformation or misinterpretation of the available data. Burns examines the foundations used in the decision making processes that determined the events of Three Mile Island, the space shuttle Challenger, 9/11, hurricane Katrina response, the invasion of Iraq and more. What emerges is a frightening picture of deliberate distortion of the facts, false information, erroneous assumptions and sheer arrogance that should serve as a wakeup call to us all." Amazon Reviewer

360 pages, Hardcover, 26.98, Kindle, $10.19


"A very important book for this particular time" Ben Bradlee, The Washington Post

"If the information age ever had a wakeup call it is this. Deadly Decisions does for information what Silent Spring did for the environment." Leland Schwartz, States News Service

"A thorough investigation of the causes of bad decisions." Amazon Reviewer stars


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Imagining the Early Years of Martha's Vineyard

In the summer of 1671, at the age of seventy-eight, Thomas Mayhew, sole proprietor of Martha’s Vineyard, is summoned to Fort James at the tip of Manhattan. The Colonial Governor is preparing to make all out war against the Indians of New England, and he means to send Mayhew back to London and turn his little island into a military outpost. But Mayhew fights back. He defends himself against the interrogation by day, but by night he is his own inquisitor. Feverish from the heat, he remembers the many mistakes he made, the punishments he ordered, and the one woman he loved more than other, an Indian he sent to her death years ago in order to save himself.

254 pages, Paperback, $14.95, Kindle, $2.95


"An engaging historical novel . . . Mr. Burns has breathed life into people we have known only by name and recorded facts. --The Vineyard Gazette


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Adam and Eve, the love story . . .

Even now, in the small towns north of Boston, people can tell you about the week ten years ago when Feeney and his crazy friend Scooter kidnapped two women from a halfway house for the mentally ill and ran off into the first blizzard of winter, pursued by the hospital maintenance man and his half-wit nephew, by the police, of course, by art lovers and gallery owners, and by the media, baying about free-love hippie lunatics and the real meaning of the Garden of Eden. She was Marigold Jannsen, suicidal and brilliant, painting the first murals of her short and meteoric career. He was the mayor’s grandson, a serious young man on his way to law school. And they were in love.

257 pages, Paperback, $15.95, Kindle, $2.95


"The most imaginative book I have read in a year . . . lyrical beauty of the language" Amazon Reviewer stars

"A powerful read, and very highly recommended" Amazon Reviewer stars



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The great puzzles, large and small

Take your brain out for a runTest your wits on nearly two hundred of the best puzzles ever, from a simple one found on an ancient Egyptian scroll, to the most complex cipher standing today in the CIA courtyard.

Math puzzles, word puzzles, science oddities, cannibals and missionaries, true and false, deductive reasoning, probabilities, game theory problems—they are all here. Gathered from puzzle collections going back to the Romans, Noggintwisters gives you the problem, provides a hint, and then explains how the answer is arrived at.

One puzzle was written by Nobel Laureate Richard Feynman when he was in high school, another comes from Abe Lincoln, a life long puzzle addict. And another comes from Albert Einstein, who thought only 2% of people could solve it.

Kindle, $3.95


"A good brain picker" Amazon Reviewer stars


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Sherlock Holmes, Illustrated

In gorgeous color, with touch screen navigation on Kindle Fire and iPad. Here is Sherlock Holmes as he’s never been seen before, with an introduction and notes by Dr. Mary Eichbauer of Stanford University’s Discovering Sherlock Holmes Project. This ebook includes more than 800 illustrations, 200 in full color—it could never have been published in print. Here are the gloomy, deeply moving original illustrations by Sidney Paget, the darker, more modern drawings of Frederic Dorr Steele, and the occasional art by other contemporary illustrators.

Kindle, $2.99


"The best edition of Sherlock Holmes I've found. Amazon Reviewer stars

"This one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Well worth the price. It looks great on the Kindle and fabulous on the iPad." Amazon Reviewer stars

"Very highly recommended for all fans of the great detective." Amazon Reviewerstars


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Alice and her friends in gorgeous color

Now you can join Alice and her friends in gorgeous color with touch screen navigation on Kindle Fire and iPad. This is the complete text of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, with more than 200 original illustrations, many of them colored by Tenniel for the “Nursery Edition” in 1890. Here, too are all of Arthur Rackham’s more complex and moody paintings in full color, as well as dozens of photographs of Carroll, Alice, and others. Of special interest are two short biographies by Edward Wakeling, the world’s foremost authority on Carroll, and former chairman of the Lewis Carroll Society. Finally you can enjoy the Caterpillar, the Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the Mock Turtle and all the other wonderful characters of this complex and beautifully told tale, in glorious color from two of the great illustrators.

Kindle, $1.99