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Crowdsourcing God


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Crowdsourcing God . . .

Where the God idea came from, how it changed,
and how new technology is changing it again

Imagine for a moment that God isn’t real, that he or she is an elaborate belief construct born of our yearning and despair, our puzzlement over incomprehensible cruelties, and our profound hope that we live, or might live someday, a kinder and more orderly existence. Let’s assume for a moment that we invented God. The question is where did the idea come from? Why does it keep changing? And how will the new technology, now transforming our lives, change God?


This is a draft of a book to be published this summer, and we are crowdsourcing the manuscript for corrections, criticisms and editorial suggestions. Helpful contributions will be acknowledged in the book, and all comments are welcome. Those who purchase the draft ebook will be able to download the final published ebook at no additional charge.