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Sherlock Holmes Illustrated

Table of Contents


Scandal in Bohemia

Notes to Scandal in Bohemia

The Greatest Detective Who Never Lived

Here, too, are the original magazine covers from The Strand in London and Colliers in America, as well as book covers from around the world, contemporary paintings, birdseye maps of London at the time, and even a map of the Underground. See Sherlock in all his disguises. Study for yourself the dancing men, the floor plan of 221B Baker Street, a map of the Baskerville moors, a postcard from the Hôtel du Sauvage at Reichenbach Falls, a drawing of the Bruce-Partington submarine, Holmes’ diagram of the crime scene at the Priory School, the position of the professor’s study in the Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez, and the photograph of Irene Adler that Sherlock requested as his only fee for saving the King’s marriage. Follow Holmes and Watson down the boulevards and back alleys of Victorian London, see what they saw, and marvel again at adventures of the greatest detective who ever lived.

Sherlock Holmes, Illustrated and Complete, containing the last stories of The Sherlock Holmes Casebook, is not available in the United States because of copyright restrictions. But it is available from Amazon.UK.